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With God, All Things Are Possible

2604 SR 331 - Bremen, IN 46506
Tel: 574-784-8889

2604 SR 331 - Bremen, IN 46506
Tel: 574-784-8889

With God, All Things Are Possible

2604 SR 331 - Bremen, IN 46506
Tel: 574-784-8889

Residential Services

The Cut-Rite Tree Services Advantage

When you are considering having a tree removed from your property, there are several factors that will play into the price to complete the work. Time is the largest factor taken into consideration when giving you an estimate on your service needs. Time is money. Naturally, the more time that it takes to complete a specific job, it will also take more money. Considering that we do not work for you by the hour but by the job, we will do our best to complete the work in a timely fashion.

Certified Arborist logo from the ISA

Certified Arborist on Staff

From planting to trimming, arborists can do pretty much anything related to the maintenance of the trees.

Here are some examples of the tasks taken on by our certified arborists.  

  • Planting: arborists will recommend you the best type of trees for your yard
  • Tree Health Care: they will keep any insects or diseases at bay
  • Pruning: tree professionals will improve the appearance and health of your trees
  • Tree Removal: sometimes, it’s just necessary
  • Emergency Tree Care: Our Bremen arborist will make sure any dangerous tree is removed in a safe manner

With all these services available, is an arborist right for you?

Below are some reasons to hire a Certified Arborist in Bremen:

  • They are trained in proper tree care
  • Their knowledge will help you enhance the value of your property
  • Arborist are the only ones who can work on trees safety
  • They are equipped with the proper tools for the job
A chainsaw on a pole cutting through a tree in a circle

Tree Trimming

Trees that have crossing and rubbing branches need to be proper trimming to stay healthy and beautiful.

Raising the canopy removes lower branches that appears less attractive and could create problems for mowing and public safety. Raising the canopy creates addition space underneath the tree and an open feeling to your property.

Tree cut down to a stump in a circle

Tree Removal

There are times when a tree must be removed. Whether it is for safety or landscaping requirements. We have certified tree climbers and equipment operators that specialize in removing those trees that takes special care due to positioning or to prevent damage to the property.

If you wish, we will clean up the brush, remove wood and grind the stump so you can restore the area like the tree was never there.

Fallen tree in a circle

Lot Clearing

We offer clearing service that will remove trees and shrubbery. Whether it is for landscaping or building purposes, our equipment leaves the area ready for the next project.

Stump grinder grinding down a stump in a circle

Stump Grinding

Do you have an unwanted stump? We grind stumps to below ground surface.
Red mulch in a circle


We offer wholesale and retail mulch in a variety of colors such as: black, red, chocolate, and dye-free organic natural.

A tree snapped in a circle

Emergency Services

In a time of crisis, we are here for you! Give us a call and we will expedite your request.

Work with a tree company that treats you like family.

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