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With God, All Things Are Possible

2525 Western Ave. Plymouth IN 46563
Tel: 574-784-8889

2525 Western Ave. Plymouth IN 46563
Tel: 574-784-8889

With God, All Things Are Possible

2525 Western Ave. Plymouth IN 46563
Tel: 574-784-8889

How to Repair The Lawn After A Tree Removal.

So a tree needed to come down and you didn’t call Cut-Rite to get it done cleanly. It happens, and we forgive you. While the tree is gone, your lawn took a beating from the trucks, equipment, and falling tree segments. How do you repair your lawn? Several things can occur during tree trimming. If the tree is lawn bound and a truck or large equipment needs to get to it, hopefully, they’ll have laid plywood or some other form of the track to protect your lawn from the sinking of large tires, but if not, you are probably left with ruts in the yard. Falling tree segments can hit and leave divots and turned-up soil. Sticks, twigs, and wood chips can be left after the cutting and chipping of wood. Stumps can be left behind if you didn’t ask or weren’t offered stump grinding. All in all, there can be many things ailing your once-perfect yard.

2 men in yellow vests stand in front of a crane picking up downed tree limbs and loading them into Cut-Rite Tree Services wood chipper.

How to repair your lawn.

Ruts or Tracks in the Grass.

It’s common. Heavy machinery sinks into soft dirt, and this leaves tracks in your yard, and unfortunately, most tree removal equipment is heavy. You’ll want a sturdy garden rake and some grass seed. Using the garden rake, you’ll want to spread the upraised bits of dirt and grass back out and try to level it off. If the tracks are deep and dirt is piled on the side, you may need a shovel to scrape the ridged layers off and fill everything back in. Once it’s all level, toss grass seed, water with the hose, and try to fertilize according to the grass seed suggestions.

Tire track indents in a grassy green field

Divots From Falling Limbs.

When cutting trees, at some point a tree cutter can start sawing off large pieces to chunk and drop them. It’s efficient for their work but often leaves noticeable wedges in your yard. Unlike with the tire tracks, most likely there hadn’t been enough dirt kicked up to fill it back in. A useful tactic is to use a spaded shovel and dig the dent back up. Think of it as fluffing the dirt and root system of the grass. Level it out, step on it a bit if you’ve fluffed too much, and add a new seed if you end up tilling more dirt than intended. It may not be perfect, but after a short time, you won’t even know where they were.

Crane cutter helps clear away a fallen tree on the house.

Tree Stump.

You have no tree, but the stump and roots are still there. If the tree was green when it was cut, or the outer rings are, then you’re going to have to do something with the stump to keep it from growing. Especially hearty trees like mulberries and oaks. Any piece that is still living will grow a new spindle quickly, and you’ll have to keep trimming the pieces down. If you don’t want to have it ground down with a stump grinder, then another option is to burn it. Often, you can set a stump on fire and let it burn for a while. Even if you don’t burn it flat, you’ll at least kill it off enough to stop more growth from sprouting.

A tree stump in a grassy area.

Stumps Ground Down.

If you opted to have the tree service grind down your stump, or called to have someone do it after, then you probably have a mass of sawdust. Get the sawdust out of the area and try to remove as much of the roots as you can. Give the stump some time to air out, and dry, and for the remaining living roots to die off. When everything is sufficiently dead, you can fill the hole with topsoil and plant grass or seeds.

Stump grinder grinding down a stump

What Can You Do with Saw Dust?

If you have a mass of sawdust to clean from the stump grinding you may need some ideas for what exactly you can do with it. You have a few options. If you just want to put small amounts of it into an existing fire, this is a simple way to be rid of it. You can also sprinkle it around the rest of your yard, garden, or flowers as a natural fertilizer. There are ways to pack the sawdust to create fire starters. Some people like to use sawdust as an absorber for spills in garages or working areas. If you or anyone you know has farm animals, they can be packed and used as bedding.

Pile of big flakes of fresh sawdust

If you want to avoid any hassles or worries when it comes to tree removal,

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Closing for Independence day

Cutrite Tree Services will be closed July 3rd – 5th.